Free Initial Consultation:

Tax planning / Business Analysis / Consultation - First hour is free. I would love to meet with you up front for a one hour free consultation to review your current situation and make sure that you have the right structure for your company and are reducing your tax bill and protecting yourself from liability as much as possible. This can include making sure that your company structure is set up correctly (Sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corporation, Corporation, etc) and making sure that you are aware of tax implications for your business. This can also include tax planning, identifying major expenses and how to reduce these and making your financials work for you.

General Rates:

Audits = fixed fee based on estimate (call or e-mail for estimate)

CPA services = $150/hr                                                                 

Accounting / Bookkeeping services = $50/hr (I prefer to quote on a monthly basis depending on services performed since I am more efficient than most bookkeepers with an hourly rate)

Tax rates = $100 - 150/hr based on return complexity. Call for an estimate. For smaller companies the estimates below are generally fairly accurate (Based on basic return; extra fees for more complicated returns and when bookkeeping is required to prepare the return; rates include preparation of both the Federal return and one State return)

                1040 Return                                                                            $300 to $350

                1065 (partnership) return                                                    $600

                1120 (corporate) and 1120S (S corp.)                               $600

                Form 990 (exempt organization) return                          $600

                Form 5500 (benefit plan) return                                        $600

We are very careful to assure that your tax return is accurate and complete. In the unlikely event that we make an error on your tax return we will cover all of the expense of correcting it and pay any penalties that result from any errors made. Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

Call or e-mail for Details and Discounts